Bride shot on a windy day with husband

Bride On Windy Day Ever wonder what it's like after newly wed couples goes out on a windy day? I bet this couple never saw this coming as they pose for a money shot on their memorable day.

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Halloween Bodypaint Suit

Check out this lady in a pretty cool body paint tuxedo. Now that's how you show up with bang at formal attire gatherings, don't you think? I bet guys would picker her instead of the ladies wearing a real dress,huh?

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Smile on Her Boobs

This girl really are so proud with her body paint. She got a nice smiley painted in her body and also she is all out smile showing it to the public. This painted smiley also show it's tongue and guess where the end of it's tongue is. It also have a really nice and great eyes.

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A Huge Dog

Come guys and check out this picture of a very huge dog. I wonder how this dog got this big. Is the owner give him a vitamins or they did something or if this is hereditary to this breed of dog. If you will have a walk with this dog, I think you can ride on his back and everybody in your neighborhood will be scare of your dog or they will be amazed and even take some pictures of your dog. Your dog will be a big hit and could be listed in the Guinness Book of World Records.

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Lindsay Lohan Wearing Bikinis

Check out the sexy and beautiful Lindsay Lohan wearing only a two piece bikini. You can also see her transformation from the three pictures. She is the one of the hottest hollywood female artist today, not just because she is good at acting and have many movies and awards but also with some intrigues and she is caught by cops with a case of drunk driving. Today, I think her case is all cleared up. But Lindsay Lohan is really a good actress and one of the beautiful faces and have a sexy body at hollywood.

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Angelina Jolie Having Some Fun

Sexy Hot Angelina Jolie
Check out the hot and beautiful Angelina Jolie having fun with a horse. This horse is so lucky to lick her body. I wonder if the name of the horse is Tom Cruise. But, nevertheless Angelina is so hot and most especially her nice kissable pouted lips. She also have a great and sexy body. I have one thing to say to her "adopt me Angelina".

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Optical Illusions

View some of the optical illusions and try to figure it out. On the first picture, how's that happened? On the second picture, how the circles are moving? And lastly, the third. Follow the pink dot and you will only see one color and it is pink. After that stare on the "+" and the moving dots will turns to green. Now concentrate on the "+" and after a short period all the pink dots will slowly disappear and you will only see a green dot rotating..

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